Vikram Khaitan

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Vikram Khaitan is an author, mentor, creator and a speaker. He is a seeker and philosopher who looks beyond the existing challenges to find solutions for the future. His keen sense of observation and comprehension of life makes him look at things differently. He brings across solutions to help improve life, develop a positive attitude, enhance the thought process, improve career, money & finance, health, relationships and the mind.

Vikram’s international bestselling books include The Secrets To A Magical Life, How To Grow Rich & Become Wealthy, Master The Art Of Ageing Gracefully, Seeds of Advice to Sail Through Hard Times.

He is also a creator on YouTube with his unique show “Sip n Talk with Vikram” where he brings out interesting stories out of people and their experiences through one to one interviews and also presents lovely book reviews in his own inimitable style. He also shares practical learning through his unique feature called Lateral Learning.



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  1. Vikram Khaitan says

    Participating in Delhi Book Fair feels great

  2. Vishal Gupta says

    The author has done a commendable job at writing this amazing and meaningful book. He is a modern adi Shankaracharya. Loved every page of the book.

  3. Dr Maya Modi says

    Vikram’s books are very good and amazing. each book shows something new and is very simply written. He has the art of writing and understand them very nicely. his last book the seeds of advice is really an excellent work from him. this should be read by all and at all ages. all the advices are compared to the Bhagavad Gita and very simply mentioned. an excellent author.
    His channel YouTube is also very good with different modelities

  4. Anand Ahuja says

    Amazing. Hearty congratulations!

  5. Dr KRS Nair says

    Vikram Khaitan’s ‘ Seeds of Advice..’ provides detailed, step-by-step modus operandi for
    realization of the Katopanishad’s succinct clarion call “Uthishtatha, jagratha, prapyavaran nibhotatha… “. Dwelling on and giving lucid
    explanation and interpretation for the related verses from Bhagavad Gita, the book ably outlines the ways and means to rekindle the inner consciousness and cultivate the godly virtues. I’m happy that the book is selected to be showcased in the Delhi Book Fair. Best wishes.

  6. Jaideep Parashar says

    Vikram Khaitan is an effective author and host of Sip n Talk with Vikram, where he often speak about critical issues for youth. I highly recommend his new book Seeds of Advice.

  7. Dinesh K Nagpal says

    Seeds of advice – to sail through hard times is a unique book in itself helping people knowing in-depth about various negativities they are confronting with. In addition, there is wisdom from one of the most scientific ancient books, Bhagwat Gita and various practical ways of overcoming all those negativities.

    The author has beautifully explained in simple words but effectively, covering various negative aspects of human beings during modern times commencing from anger to arrogance, lust, greed, confusion, jealousy, grief, fear, depression, discrimination, laziness, loneliness, desperation, temptation, sinfulness and wandering of the mind. In addition, the last three chapters cover important virtues of forgiveness, peace and self-awareness.

    In my opinion, this book would prove to be a milestone for humankind. It is a complete guide to help human beings overcoming various negative aspects of life and living peacefully.