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Tween Twilight By Veruschka Pandey

Tween Twilight By Veruschka Pandey
on Jul 30, 2021
Tween Twilight By Veruschka Pandey
So beauty is diversity, a little change, isn't it strange? That familiar gaze. We know that we know each other, but are not able to escape this maze So let that familiar soul stay captive, it's fine. Let me pretend that I don't know you and let's act like it's all fine This is a perspective and life changing anthology of 30 poems written by a 12 year old about her thoughts and experiences, spread across diverse subjects that accumulated over different experiences in her life. These are sensitively-woven thoughts with a message to embolden people to realize the allurement of glowing in the dark, and proliferate the message of fight against poverty, love, conserving nature and earnest emotions originating from the bottom of her wild heart, which will unleash your realization link by link and yard by yard. And in what better way than short yet heart-melting poems? This book has all her overwhelming thoughts that primarily declare, we should be ourselves and that mind rules over matter. This is an inspiring book for any teenager and pre- teenager and can be easily related to by them... Get ready to go through the compilation of all the inspiring and heart tugging emotions of a 12 year old all written during the lockdown of 2020! Afterall, the smallest thoughts can shape a reality of exuberance beyond description. 'Paratos Esse'

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