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Tijara's Mystery Codes

on May 17, 2022
Tijara's Mystery Codes

Tijara’s Mystery Codes is an intriguing combination of clairvoyance interwoven with three timelines that are set apart by millennia, yet inextricably linked by an ancient secret of the mystical Amritha. 

The first timeline depicts the historical Kurukshetra battle where cousins fought ruthlessly for their ancestral kingdom.

 The ancestors of Tijara, King Susharma sided with the Kauravas and fought against the mighty Pandavas. 

King Susharma deceptively led Arjuna away from the battlefield. The Kauravas created the dreaded Chakra Vyuh and deceitfully trapped Arjuna’s son, Abhimanyu and brutally killed him; breaking all the battlefield laws and morals. 

Do these actions have consequences millennia later when one of King Susharma’s descendants displays a similarly callous mindset at the Tijara fort palace in December 1977? 

Does she get entrapped or unknowingly create a Chakra Vyuh?

The second timeline elucidates on Rao Raja Balwant Singh’s lifestyle. He was continually threatened by his elder stepbrother who was keen to usurp all his wealth and property. The construction of the majestic fort palace at Tijara stopped abruptly by the tragic death of Rao Raja Balwant Singh in 1848. 

The third timeline is set in 1977 and forms the main storyline.

Maharaj Mahadev Singh of Tijara Fort palace has been desperately holding on to his Crown, unable to honorably give up his stake to wealth and power. His ambitious daughter Rajkumari Mansi has evil designs on the throne. She is infuriated that her younger twin brother has been named the heir apparent since their royal lineage follows the patriarchal tradition. 

The Maharaj plans to decipher a primordial papyrus manuscript, safeguarded over the centuries and preserved in a secret underground vault. The papyruses describe the formulation of the Amritha, a potent anti-ageing elixir that surpasses the famed Amritha of the Gods. The papyruses are guarded against misuse by a curse that could annihilate their lineage. Despite the curse, the Maharaj is determined to prolong his life by partaking of the elixir. 

Mahadev hires Dr. Sanjay Kirti, a brilliant doctor, to decipher the codes and ciphers in which the formula for the Amritha is encoded in the papyrus.  Dr. Sanjay Kirti works in top secrecy and makes rapid progress in deciphering the manuscript and formulating the elixir. However, at the cusp of success, he is found murdered in the Solah Dwar Chikitsalay at Tijara fort. 

A brilliant doctor ironically done to death in his youth; perhaps, because of being in possession of the secret to ageless life. The Maharaj fears that his wife or daughter were involved in the cold blooded killing. 

Maharaj Mahadev calls in the dynamic Deputy Superintendent of the Delhi Police, Siddhartha Kumar. Siddhartha has an unusual track record, and he inordinately adopts his unique psychic powers and clairvoyant faculties in solving crimes. He has an innate ability to connect to the higher realms and receive mystical guidance in the form of omens and auguries which assist him in intuiting obscure details about the bizarre crime. 

Coming to Tijara fort in the guise of the interior decorator Syd, Siddhartha meticulously tracks down vital clues. Finally, Syd narrows down his hunt to five prime suspects. He plans the grand climax at the Hawa Mahal, aware that he will have to force the perpetrator to admit his crime. His only hopes were a stunned reaction to a gold signet ring, and a match to the bloodstained letter found inside the desk drawer at the site of the crime. Though he had done extensive blood tests he was unable to find a match. 

Using the graceful Maharani’s assistance, he concocts an unusual way of presenting the gold signet ring found near the dead body. Finally, Syd announces the murderer’s name as Rohan Rajawat. Rohan retaliates by capturing the beautiful Rajkumari as a hostage. Syd had anticipated this possibility and had over a dozen police officers dressed as waiters. However, when Rohan knows that he is cornered he tries to kill the Rajkumari Mansi. 

After a series of heated dialogues with the Maharaj, Rohan pleads for justice, imploring that he had resorted to honour killing. The Maharaj sternly reprimanded him, but Rohan boldly stated his stake to Tijara’s royal lineage through his father who was born out of wedlock. Starkly aware of the royal lineage of the fabled Masquerade Child, the Maharaj knew that he had to eradicate this plausible threat to his throne and banished Rohan’s entire family from Tijara!    

The author has the reader on edge in a gripping plot involving an ancient mythical curse, murder, missing decoded files, a secret formula to ageless life, palace intrigue, illicit affairs and a thrilling climax set at  Tijara fort palace.

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