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The War Of Canneti

on Nov 24, 2021

Madhav, a famed environmentalist, fallen from grace lives in a dystopian India where a great war has accelerated global warming and climate change. Petrol and electricity are luxuries few canenjoy. One evening, a news report reveals a catastrophic quantum nuclear explosion while digging for the core of the earth. The planet has forty eight hours to evacuate. Panic spreads out amongst the remainder of human survivors whom the UN restricted from colonizing Mars due to over population, lest Mars suffers the same fate as Earth. Madhav and three of his friends take the help of sea bandits named the tribes of children who scavenge for the sunken treasure of Mumbai drowned in the great floods. Together they reach the evacuation point while fighting a gang of greedy pirates. There Madhav is initially left out but eventually he is selected in the space crew. He later finds out that the colonies of Mars demand independence and after earth is destroyed, this crew is all that is left of India. Madhav and a gang of new recruits train on the cities of Mars. They set out to find a planet habitable enough to set base. Madhav and Petty Officer Shri, are sent out in a capsule with extravehicular pods to experience and strategies survival on the planet. Their mission also includes biological survey and possible mining activity. For a month, they scavenge the planet for minerals and interact with the environment. They find a suitable landing site and send the signal to land in 48 earth hours. Then they meet the aliens. The aliens capture them and with telepathy, an advanced science on their world, they extract information about Earth. They learn about human history. Wars, corporate greed, climate change, fundamentalism and religion etc. A politician, Beelzebub presents the humans as a plague and use the threat as a political tool to crown himself king.  Madhav in an effort to send a warning signal to the ship’s commander, end up sacrificing himself to let Shri send the message to save the crew of the ship. Madhav drowns but somehow crosses the lake toward a mountain. He climbs the mountain to get rid of an odd buzzing in his head. On the top of the mount, he finds GOD - the first conscious being. God and Madhav interact and God tells him about the formation of the universe and the birth of humans. He tells him about the philosophy of life and guides him on how to defeat the vicious Alien rulerBeelzebub. Madhav goes back and defeats Beelzebub

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