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The Story of Indian Philosophy: Dr Prasanna Chandra Gautam

on Jul 14, 2022
The Story of Indian Philosophy: Dr Prasanna Chandra Gautam

This book is a distillate of the vast Indian literature on Indian philosophy, culture, and religions. This spans several millennia and has been presented briefly, objectively, and with authority, demonstrating Professor Gautam's deep research into these complex and often mutually conflicting concepts. This sufficiently brief introduction to our heritage is designed for the modern generation. This has received excellent prepublication reviews and is highly recommended.

"It is a fascinating, comprehensive, enlightening account of Indian philosophy. This is lucid yet accessible.… This book will make an excellent contribution to the body of knowledge on Indian philosophy". Professor Surya Subedi, QC, OBE, DCL, D Phil, LLD (Hon), University of Leeds, UK.

"This book is a must-read for understanding this ancient wisdom. I congratulate Professor Gautam for this great accomplishment and wish him a long and healthy life". Dr Kashinath Nyaupane, Professor of Buddhism and Sanskrit, Nepal Sanskrit University, Kathmandu.

"I believe that even- or perhaps especially- the most profound academic in India would gain new information and insight from this book." Clive Roberts, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK.

"Divided into 23 chapters, the book discusses the various stages of Indian civilisations and their evolutions. This is a must-read book for those who want to understand the basics of Hindu Philosophy and civilization". Keshav Poudyal, Editor, New Spotlight, Kathmandu.

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