Frontlist | The guy who made the first mobile phone call wrote a book on it

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On April 3, 1973, Motorola employee Martin Cooper held a wireless box to his ear and used it to talk with a man about three miles away. While this seems like nothing extraordinary today, at the time it was a revelation. It was the first time anyone had used a standalone wireless telephone to connect with a “normal” landline.

Today, Mr. Cooper’s book about his work leading up to that event is here. Dubbed “Cutting the Cord: The Cell Phone Has Transformed Humanity,” the book is equal parts history and memoir, with a conclusion that touches on Cooper’s hopes for the future of humanity.

Since Cooper is appropriately dubbed “the father of the cell phone,” this account should interest most mobile tech aficionados. While the story of the first mobile phone call is interesting on its own, hearing the account from the man himself is something else entirely.

You can grab the book by hitting the button below. It’s available in hardcover as well as in audiobook and ebook form.

Source: Android Authority

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