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The Crepe Jasmines

The Crepe Jasmines
on Sep 20, 2021
The Crepe Jasmines
The Crepe Jasmines tell the story of the people whom nobody cares about or considers as fellow human beings. These people are born in remote villages, they go to Govt schools run in dilapidated buildings with one or two teachers teaching seven classes in 3 classrooms. Walk many kilometers through paddy fields balancing their body weight and dreams. The dreams which do not have a chance in a million. However, one or two of these people get out of that drudgery and dare to make their dreams come true by virtue of their hard work, talent, perseverance, and a little bit of luck here and there. This book tells the story of Partha a village boy who studied well, did extremely well in Maths and Physics, and learned the English language by reading 3 days old Times of India. He elopes with Asifa and comes to Bangalore to start their life in a different setting and eke out a living. But, in the cosmopolitan Bangalore (for that matter in any city of India) he faces various obstacles and has to deal with judgments of other people because he speaks the English language in a much different way than the English medium city folks do.

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