• Sunday, May 19, 2024

The Be Book

By Mynoo Maryel
on Apr 23, 2024
The Be Book

A Journey into Miracles and Self-LiberationWe all go through profound experiences. We all have a story to share. This book begins as a wake-up call to parts of us that have long been asleep and ends as a grand invitation to an adventurous life. All that’s required are some timely reminders and something wonderful to light our way. The BE Book offers us those reminders and that light. Part autobiography and part hands-on guidebook, it is a collection of inspiring journeys in the different phases of Mynoo’s life. They have been penned down for you to learn the most important lesson: Live life in a way that ‘being’ becomes your state of choice and ‘doing’ just flows flawlessly from there.The BE Book is a refreshing blast of fresh air!

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