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'The Ayurvedic Kitchen' By Sonal Chowdhary and Dr Asghar: Book Review

on May 16, 2022
Book Review

'The Ayurvedic Kitchen' reconnects us with our ayurvedic heritage. Ayurveda has been deeply ingrained in our society for centuries. Modern healthcare eventually took control over time. The link between eating right and maintaining a healthier lifestyle is very important. One important aspect that is frequently highlighted is how the kitchen space can be transformed into a health sanctuary to nourish the body, mind, and spirit - the three major Ayurvedic components. 

Sonal Chowdhary and Dr Asghar have compiled a collection of contemporary, healthy, and wholesome recipes, properly blended ingredients, and home cures in a highly thorough and easy-to-follow format. Their book adheres to the primary Ayurvedic philosophy of "prevention rather than cure of illness." This principle is followed by this book on a very personalised basis. The book begins with three sets of assessments, each with 14 questions, to help you determine your Doshas. Every recipe and approach in the book has been tailored to the different Doshas

'Ayurvedic kitchen' delivers Ayurvedic information to the reader in a very simple and relevant manner, allowing readers to effectively apply Ayurvedic principles to their everyday cooking and dietary habits to achieve optimum health.

If you are looking for reform in your lifestyle, this is a wonderful book to read since it aims to provide the reader with knowledge that restores health balance and provides the energy necessary to keep mind-body harmony.

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