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The 10 New Life- Changing Skills by Rajesh Srivastava

on Sep 19, 2022
The 10 New Life

The earlier 3 Industrial Revolutions (3IRs) created blue-collar and white-collar jobs, which required people to carry out instructions, not question authority and follow time-tested systems and processes.
Now, we are in the midst of the 4th Industrial revolution (4IR), also called Industry 4.0. It is creating ‘green collar jobs, which need people to ‘think, reflect and act’. To develop these abilities and perform the green collar jobs efficiently, it is critical that professionals develop certain skills -the 10 new life-changing skills:

1. Creativity
2. Innovation
3. Critical Thinking
4. Framing the Right Question
5. Smart Problem-Solving
6. Lifelong Learning
7. Storytelling
8. Influence Without Authority
9. Humanness
10. Entrepreneurial Spirit.

This book will introduce readers to these skills, which they can apply in their businesses and professions to come up with trumps.

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