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Tales to shock your spirit this Spooktober

on Oct 31, 2022

The spooky season has officially begun. We all love nothing more than curling up with a good book.

We have curated a list of seven books to read this Halloween that will surely give you goosebumps and keep you up all night long! If you're in the mood for all things spooky, consider reading one of these books instead of watching horror movie marathons or dressing up for Halloween.

Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman

If you prefer Halloween fun to murder, Alice Hoffman's 1995 tale of ordinary magic and spellbinding family drama may be one of the finest Halloween books of all time. The charming narrative of Gillian and Sally, two sisters who desire to escape their family's witchery tradition, is neither terrifying nor dreadful. Instead, it's a heartwarming narrative of sisters filled with magic, romance, a splash of family turmoil, and festive happiness. You've found a feel-good novel that still gets you in the spirit for Halloween.

Pet Sematary by Stephen King

This 1983 horror bestseller was described as "wild, strong, and frightening" by the Washington Post. Is it any surprise? Stephen King has hailed it as his scariest novel. After reading this spine-chilling thriller about murdered children, a cemetery containing terrible secrets, and a seething evil with clammy fingers reaching out to grab you beyond the grave, expect to feel jittery for days. What is the best Halloween novel of all time? Yes, thousand times yes, if bizarre horror is your thing.

That Frequent Visitor: Every Face Has A Darker Side by Hari Kumar

When Shiuli Dutta gets to Clifford Mansion, she encounters Richard Baxter's ghost, who shares the tale of his unfulfilled life with her. The narrative tries to explain why it's banned for visitors to access Vypeen Island after sundown, what happened to Baxter and his wife, and why the local fisherman are afraid of a guest. The spirit of Baxter is keeping watch for his opportunity to exact retribution on those who mistreated him and won't stop until it comes.

The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson

The shivers in this 1959 gothic horror classic come on slowly. Rather than focusing on the slasher gore in traditional Halloween films, Shirley Jackson plays on readers' fears of the unknown, allowing their imaginations to go wild. Dr. John Montague, a researcher, sets up a sociological experiment at Hill House, a labyrinthine estate. The eerie mansion prepares guests to encounter strange noises, scents, and chilling feelings. But is Dr. Montague truly in command? Participants will soon find out.

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

"Fear spreads like wildfire. You'll be able to capture it." "Sometimes all it takes for someone to admit they're terrified is for the fear to become true," writes Neil Gaiman in this 2008 award-winning children's book that we're sure will thrill readers of all ages, especially around Halloween. Nobody Owens, a human kid, raised by ghosts, is the focus of The Graveyard Book. Sure, the phantoms are entertaining, but will Nobody ever overcome his anxieties and walk beyond the graves to confront the guy who murdered his family?

The Face at the Window by Kiran Manral 

After retiring from teaching, Mrs. McNally now resides near the Himalayas. She harbors secrets that could prove dangerous for her daughter and granddaughter. The mysteries from Mrs. McNally's past torment her, but that pales in comparison to the ghostly presence that haunts the house.

Will she ever be able to rid her home of this unwanted presence? This narrative is unlike any other horror story you have ever read, yet it won't stop until it terrifies you beyond belief.

Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

Daphne du Maurier's story of romance, mystery, and home intrigue, first published in 1938, is ideal for reading in a lamp-lit armchair on a stormy October day. Settle in with a warm glass of cider—or perhaps a spiced pumpkin latte? This is a superb piece of controlled Gothic horror. A blushing bride finds herself thrust into the life of her husband's first wife, Rebecca, a long-dead woman. But what became of Rebecca in this vast estate? Is it possible that history will repeat itself here?

Reading these books will keep you haunted for the entire month and get you into the right spirit for the spooky season. The riveting thrillers are wrapped around a blanket with a cup of coffee, while the paranormal tales are to be enjoyed under the blanket with a torch for maximum effect. Happy Halloween to everyone and have a great month. 

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