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Startup Chanakya : Entrepreneurship is a Supreme Religion

By Umesh Santoshkumar Yashoda Rathod
on May 17, 2024
Startup Chanakya : Entrepreneurship is a Supreme Religion

Startup Chanakya book is an amalgamation of Acharya Chanakya’s thoughts & my experiences in the entrepreneurial ecosystem as a learner, mentor, educator & researcher over the several years. It aims to ignite the spark in the startup founders, startup enthusiasts & youth to help them build their entrepreneurial mindset. As I strongly believe that Entrepreneurship can be taught & it is evident from Acharya Chanakya & Chandragupta’s Mentor-Mentee saga of how it can be achieved. When the idea of this book came to me, I thought about how would Acharya Chanakya pursue a Startup. Hence, I have tried to bring all the available literature from Arthashashtra & concepts pertaining to Startup thoughts from various walks of life through this book. Chanakya's thoughts & vision resonate even today across our nation & it's blessing for me to have added a new dimension to his teachings. No matter how many Guru's we come across they are repackaging the old wisdom in new jargons. I dedicate this book to my mentors & I intend to elaborate the insights of the book through workshops and trainings for the youth in our country. Hopeful that the readers from various walks of life will find it engaging, enthralling & above all get insights into the world of startups from Acharya Chanakya’s perspective.

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