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Shubha Vilas

on Sep 21, 2022
Shubha Vilas

Shubha Vilas is a storyteller, motivational speaker, and author, who holds a degree in engineering and patent law, but he chose to leave mainstream society to live a life of contemplation and study scripture in depth. As a child, his grandmother regaled him with stories from the Ramayana, which captured his heart and soul and thus began his tryst with scriptures. He started writing stories inspired by the Ramayana and how it is still as relevant to us as it was in the Treta yuga. Some of his popular works include Open Eyed Meditations, and Mystical Tales for A Magical Life: 11 Unheard Fantastic Vedic Stories which transform Vedic literature and epics into relatable stories and contemporary life lessons. Shubha has also penned down a fun-filled version of Panchatantra stories for children titled Pandit Vishnu Sharma’s Panchatantra: Illustrated Tales from Ancient India, to captivate them with beautiful illustrations, and lessons that sharpen their thinking abilities. Shubha is deeply passionate about imparting education that helps build character in children. This has led him to create a value-education module that can be incorporated into children’s existing syllabi. With this module, he guides young minds toward an inspiring life, filled with values and principles. Ishan Trivedi is an award-winning Illustrator-Storyteller from New Delhi, India. After completing his Masters's in Fine Arts from Lucknow University, Ishan has worked with several top children's book publishers in India and abroad. His unique art style combines several traditional Indian Folk styles and is presented with a contemporary taste. Some of his notable books are Boondi and Nimboda. He also enjoys sculpting and customizing action figures.

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