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Operation Sudarshan Chakra by Prabhakar Aloka

on Oct 04, 2022
Operation Sudarshan Chakra by Prabhakar Aloka

Ravi Kumar, head of the Central Counterterrorism Command (C3) of the Intelligence Bureau, is haunted by the partial success of Operation Haygreeva. He and his team of young recruits-Mihir, Cyrus and Jose-exposed designs of a hitherto-unknown terrorist outfit, the Lashkar-e-Hind (LeH), responsible for the Mumbai train blasts. But the mission they had staked their lives on remains significantly unfinished.
The LeH's leader, Tabrez, had managed to escape to Pakistan. Looking to expand the scale of his operations and strike back at India in previously inconceivable ways, Tabraz becomes the lynchpin of a sinister K2 plan of the Pak ISI to leverage different socio-political anxieties and create a vast network of radicalized minds penetrating deep into Indian society, to destabilize the delicate fabric that holds the nation together.
Despite having faced severe personal trauma, Ravi and his team come together to launch deft counterterror and counterintelligence manoeuvres, codenamed Operation Sudarshan Chakra, putting everything, including their individual safety, at risk.

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