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Frontlist | New Book shows How to Rejuvenate Aging Eyes

Frontlist | New Book shows How to Rejuvenate Aging Eyes
on Feb 05, 2021
Frontlist | New Book shows How to Rejuvenate Aging Eyes
The only book on the subject PIE or Presbyopic Implant in Eye is here. Rejuvenate Aging Eyes, The Miracle of PIE is all about visual freedom for people above 45 years of age. It explains in simple language the working of eyes, concept of vision and role of brain in interpretation and simulating the perceived world. The most exciting part is the introduction to technology, which is replacing glasses, contacts and even Lasik to become the most popular refractive surgery for Baby Boomers and generation X. Rejuvenate Aging Eyes, The Miracle of PIE explains how skillfully performed precise surgery with Presbyopic Implants yield continuous vision at all distances without need of glasses nor contacts. PIE restores natural vision in people above 45, Dr. Khanna said. He further elucidated It has proven to be superior to Lasik, monovision, glasses and contact lenses in this age group. I wrote the book to bring the story of success and opportunity to the common people. In fact, the book is unique as it has the patient's version too. It is full of anecdotes and real stories of actual people who underwent the procedure. This book available from Amazon has been critically acclaimed by journalists and readers alike. The book starts with a chapter on anatomy and physiology of eye which is replete with diagrams and pictures. Another chapter presents a synopsis of evolution of refractive surgery. Classification of Presbyopic implants is explained with figures and diagrams. Of universal interest is a chapter on how to select a good eye surgeon. The components of a good consultation and testing are also documented. This leads to weeding out people who may not be good candidates for the procedure. We all feel surgery can be terrifying, so the author uses gentle words to explain the steps of PIE procedure. People who already have undergone PRK, Lasik, RK or other refractive procedures will find the chapter on managing PIE in these situations very interesting. The rare side effects and risks are adequately covered. Another unique point is that it even elucidates the steps required after the procedure to maintain and enhance the stellar vision generated for a lifetime. To summarize its an educational but easy read which will change your life and perspective.   Source: PR News

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