Frontlist | ‘Murder in Old Bombay’- a promising work for debut novelist

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The ongoing St. Martin’s Minotaur/Mystery Writers of America First Crime Novel Competition has launched the careers of several solid mystery writers. Author Nev March continues this history of excellence with her absorbing debut “Murder in Old Bombay.”

Set in 1892, “Murder in Old Bombay” delivers a gripping look at India’s history, resplendent with meticulous research and depicting its social structure enhanced with realistic characters who put the past in context with modern times.

“Murder in Old Bombay” introduces a hero for all times — Jim Agnihotri, an Anglo-Indian army captain recuperating from an injury suffered on the northern frontier in Karachi. A man of action, Jim is bored by his long convalescence in the hospital. The only break in the long days are newspapers and “The Sign of the Four,” the second novel by a new author, Conan Doyle. Jim is pretty sure that Sherlock Holmes character has a long future with more tales to come.


Source: The Columbus Dispatch

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