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Moms in the Wild By Nidhi Raichand: Book Review

"Moms in the Wild" a dark, funny story, blended with multiple things such as Social Media, Journalism, First jobs, friendships , so on and so forth
on Mar 31, 2023
Moms in the Wild by Nidhi Raichand

Nidhi Raichand's debut novel "Moms in the Wild" is a witty and engaging story that takes readers on a journey through the competitive world of social media, modern-day journalism, and the rollercoaster ride of motherhood. Set in the picturesque city of Bangalore, the book is a light-hearted take on the insanity of motherhood and the mommy universe.

The story revolves around Sneha Talwar, a young and idealistic reporter tasked with profiling Natasha Babani, an environmental activist and mommy influencer. But before Sneha can start working on the assignment, Natasha's body is found floating in the same lake she had been working to clean up. As Sneha investigates Natasha's death, she uncovers the world of the 'mommy universe,' which is full of its own rules, rivalries, and intrigues.

What makes "Moms in the Wild" a standout read is the author's razor-sharp writing, keen observations of the world around her, and ability to craft memorable characters. 

The book offers insights into relationships and the phenomenon that is Instagram. The author's skillful weaving together of different themes makes for a fast-paced and engaging read that will leave a lasting impression on readers.

Each character is well-crafted, with a unique voice and personality. Sneha, the protagonist, is a relatable character who is driven, idealistic, and passionate about her work. Natasha, the mommy influencer, is a complex character who is both admirable and flawed. The supporting characters are equally well-developed and add depth and complexity to the story.

The book's themes of motherhood, social media, and journalism are explored with depth and nuance. The author's background in advertising, journalism, and the IT industry is evident in how she captures the world of social media and how it impacts our lives. 

The book also offers a poignant look at the challenges of modern-day motherhood, with its ups and downs, joys, and frustrations.

With its engaging plot, well-crafted characters, and insightful themes, the book is a must-read for anyone looking for a refreshing and entertaining read.

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