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Mahabharata - Illustrated Tales From Ancient India

by Anupa Lal
on Jul 03, 2024
Mahabharata - Illustrated Tales From Ancient India

The Mahabharata is the longest narrative in the world chronicling the fortunes of the Kuru dynasty. Amidst all the grandeur and heroism, the friendships, alliances and feuds, lies the coveted throne of Hastinapur. Who will ascend it? What will it cost the rightful heir?
Lucidly retold by acclaimed author Anupa Lal, this timeless epic tale is sure to enthral readers as it brings alive a mythical world of strange encounters, magical weapons and a raging battlefield. Vividly illustrated by award winning illustrator Ishan, this great story elucidates the integral role that karma and dharma play in our lives.

This deluxe edition is a must-have for all!

  • It introduces the reader to India’s rich culture and beliefs
  • This edition comprises vibrant and captivating illustrations
  • The hardback format comes with fine finishing with beautiful endpapers
  • It helps inculcate reading habits and develops reasoning skills
  • It is a prized edition for any library and is perfect for keepsake

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