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Kharavela : The Great Warrior

on Apr 18, 2022
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Chandragupta’s Grandson Ashoka got information that Kalinga is running without a king, immediately he attacked Kalinga which was the most ferocious war. Ashoka, could not win the war; but nevertheless, he devastated Kalinga, socially and economically. All Kalingas wanted to take revenge on Magadha and ultimately found their king Mahameghavahana from South of Vindhya. It is his grandson Kharavela who rose to the occasion, who not only own Magadha war, but in his 12 years of Kingship, he had succeeded winning the entire “Bharat Bhukhand” pushing Greeks to Hindu Kush. Such a great warrior but except nine line inscription engraved about him at Ranighumpa Cave, no where his story of triumph are to be found. This book is on rise and success of Kharavela, the pride of Kalinga.

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