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'John Lang' By Amit Ranjan : Book Review

on Jun 02, 2022
John Lang

Written by Amit Ranjan, the story of "John Lang: Wanderer of Hindoostan, Slanderer in Hindoostanee, Lawyer" revolves around John Lang's life, exploits, and literary works. John Lang is one of history's most intriguing characters. John Lang, an eccentric man, spent the latter half of his life in Hindoostan, exploring every possibility of battling the East India Company, both on paper and in court. His unconventionality drew the Rani of Jhansi's invitation to be her lawyer. He was not only a prolific writer but also an accomplished journalist and lawyer.

Amit Ranjan's expression of Lang's life added a whole new level of uniqueness to the narration. We enjoyed the author's inclusion of snippets of Lang's writings in the book. The tale and narration were equally enthralling, making the book impossible to put down. It also provided us with insight into a lesser-known period of history, which we value. Overall, it was a challenging yet fascinating read.

Lang's narrative offered us a sense of camaraderie with a misunderstood guy as we delved into this book and roved over the many historical events. He had a knack of hitting on the sensitive areas of historical anatomy through his works, which generally left him on the wrong side of the establishment.

This book would be an intriguing piece of writing for literary and history buffs.

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