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If I Have To Be A Soldier

By Nikhil J. Alva
on Feb 28, 2024
If I Have To Be A Soldier

Two friends find themselves on opposite sides of a war. One of them must lose, but who will it be?

It is 1966 and Mizoram is burning. The Mizo National Front have launched an armed rebellion in their quest for an independent nation, and Delhi is pushing back with all its might.

As a brutal war rages, Indian Army Captain Samuel Rego, the son of a Baptist preacher, finds himself returning to the land he ran away from to interrogate one of the most feared MNF commanders in custody. Except, the Mara tribesman everyone knows as 'Che' is Sena, Samuel's childhood friend. When confronted with a grave moral dilemma, the choice Captain Samuel makes causes him and Che to become fugitives. While being hunted across the rugged Mizo Hills, the two men must face events from their bitter past that scarred their friendship, even as they struggle to stay alive and redeem themselves.

Drawing on the dark truths of one of India's most secretive wars, If I Have to Be a Soldier is a gripping story of identity, survival, betrayal and, above all, love.

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