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God Is Digital By Author Arvind M. Uniyal

God Is Digital is a book about the Digital Model of the universe.
on Feb 08, 2023
God Is Digital

This unique book is about the Digital Model of the universe. However to understand this model the reader needs to have basic knowledge of communications, computers and associated digital systems. This book provides this knowledge right from  simple telephony to  mobile networks (upto 5G) and Internet (cloud computing, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Signatures et al). The book is written in a very simple language which can be understood by common people and is useful to professional engineers too.

Imagine a world of humanoids (human computers) and animaloids controlled through an IoT kind of system extensively using artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Could it not be possible that a higher intelligence (or consciousness) has created life on earth in exactly this fashion? If so then what is the purpose of creating this world and purpose of human life? These are the questions addressed in this book using the Digital Model along with the ancestral wisdom.

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