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Lekhna 2019: An event to connect with writers

Lekhna 2019: An event to connect with writers
on Nov 27, 2019
Lekhna 2019: An event to connect with writers
Good news for all the book lovers in Bengaluru, “Lekhna” is happing in the upcoming weekend. It starts on the 29th of November and will end on 1st December. Lekhna calls themselves ‘literary weekend’ because it is a moment for writers and readers to gather. It’s not a ‘festival’ in the conventional sense. The programming is not driven by the market and what the latest book releases are. Instead, all the events highlight different writers, texts and discourses. There are national and international writers making their presence in this event. Ramachandra Guha, Allison Amend, Somak Ghoshal, Prince Shakur, Indira Chandrasekhar, Rayji de Guia, Poorna Swami, Tanveer Ajsi, Kusum Dhar Prabhu, Manan Kapoor, Deepa Ganesh, Padmavati Rao, Arshia Sattar, and Ajay Krishnan are the speakers of this year’s Lekhna event. Writer Shashi Deshpande will speak about her new memoir, Listen to Me, a tribute to Girish Karnad, a stalwart in the literary world, will also be held. According to Poorna Swami, the organizing committee of Lekhana, the event was started to bring together the city’s different literary worlds – to converse, share ideas, and listen. She said, “Over the years, Lekhana has featured writers of different languages from within Bengaluru and beyond.” She added, “The international writers we have are Allison Amend and Prince Shakur from the US and Rayji De Guia from the Philippines. This year, Lekhana is also very intimate and will take place at the residency space The Jamun and Bangalore’s new bookstore, Champaca. It will be a small but vibrant weekend.”

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