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Delhi Book Fair 2020 Hosted by PragatiE and FIP

Delhi Book Fair 2020 Hosted by PragatiE and FIP
on Oct 07, 2020
Delhi Book Fair 2020 Hosted by PragatiE and FIP
New Delhi, India: Necessity is the mother of all innovation. Keeping in mind the pandemic and the inability to host physical events, Dr. Ashok Gupta Hony. General Secretary FIP i.e. Federation of Indian Publisher has announced a 2020 New Delhi World Book Fair The FIP has partnered with pragatiE, an innovative virtual platform for exhibitions, product launches and events for #DBF2020, that will attract a wide array of audience from all over the country & expanding globally will be held on 30th & 31st October 2020.  The federation has tied-up with ITPO to host the World Book Fair in Delhi every year since 1995 to give publishers a chance to interact directly with their readers. But due to the current global health crisis and the need to maintain social distancing, the federation has decided to go digital for this anticipated event. Considering that the Indian publishing industry has  usually never been early adopters of technology, this is surely a commendable move by FIP. To read full information about this upcoming 2020 new Delhi book fair event click here

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