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44th International Kolkata Book Fair 2020

44th International Kolkata Book Fair 2020
on Sep 10, 2019
44th International Kolkata Book Fair 2020
Event: Kolkata Book Fair
Location: Central Park Mela Ground, SaltLake, Kolkata


Flagbearer leading International book settings across India Kolkata Book Fair, first organised in 1976, gradually catched some serious pace in 90's. This event gets lit up with leading manufacturers, distributors, authors, publishers attending it. The authors write the books in sophisticated styles and manner and they forward it to publishers who publish the books with the name of particular publication and exhibit these books in the book fair leaving an indelible mark. Book-loving people who are interested in the particular fields such as literature, science, arts etc exhibit their particular interest in the book fair and take advantage of it with both hands. Read more at: https://10times.com/kolkata-book-fair

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