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Delhi Book Fair 2021: Advika Book Is An Exhibitor

Delhi Book Fair 2021: Advika Book Is An Exhibitor
on Aug 25, 2021
Delhi Book Fair 2021: Advika Book Is An Exhibitor
Advika Book is an exhibitor in the 2nd edition of the Virtual Delhi Book Fair 2021. Advika Book Mart is a unique online store where you find the bestselling books of new authors. The originality is our MOTTO. Good quality prints for a better reading experience. Self Publishing India is a unique publishing house that emphasizes the author's overall growth. They are working on a mission to empower 10000 authors and introduced them to the publishing world. Advika Book's uniqueness is that they don't publish the manuscript. They craft the story as per the author's imagination, in an author's way. Publishing is not a profession for them; it's a passion that runs in their veins. Advika Book's USP is a personal touch with authors, with the proper guidance and information sharing. Virtual DBF is hosted on PragatiE Platform, a virtual exhibition platform that turned the tables around in the event industry. PragatiE hosts conferences, exhibitions, Tradeshows, effortlessly in a digital format. Catch them live on PragatiE Platform from 3-5th Sep 2021- https://www.pragatie.com/ For registration: Click Here

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