• Friday, December 02, 2022

Contamination By Richa Lakhera

on Oct 03, 2022

The first madness was that She was born. That the Gods stuffed Her into a bag of tiny human skin. The second madness was, the Gods stuffed Her inside—with Us. “Let her die. Patala has her eye on her,” warned the Village Shaman. Twenty years on, Amba is too embroiled in her human wars to bother about the voices inside her. Gun-toting psychopath Colonel Rosie Madbull is inflicting dreadful vengeance on her people to get his hands on the gold which is discovered under their soil. But he and his army of bloodthirsty criminals have to confront the battle-hardened Amba. But she is no ordinary girl. Fleeing from Madbull’s jail, into the fearsome Jotsoma forest, Amba is destined to fulfill many a prophecy—from seeking refuge inside a monster buffalo and coming face to face with the menacing Patala and her demonic pet Domovoi. But her ceremony of ordeals is far from over. In an apocalyptic battle between good and evil, she will be forced to unleash the terrifying Furies. But they don’t come alone. They bring the insidious Others, who are now out of control. Hunting with Them will take Amba to the very edge of being a human.

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