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Chanakya's Chant By Ashwin Sanghi : Book Review

on Dec 22, 2021

Chanakya's Chant by Ashwin Sanghi takes us on an excursion which analyzes the procedures of the Chanakya in making the Chandragupta as Emperor and the strategies for Vidyasagar in Modern day, making the Slum young lady, Prime Minister of India.

The author has made the Modern day story of Vidyasagar an additionally exceptionally intriguing. Author has done great examination and we should say it has got part of exciting bends in the road bringing about a compelling story.

The book narrates two equal stories, which despite the fact that are from various period yet are a great deal comparable.

An astonishing and engaging read for all the spine chiller fans.
The book is well composed and it keeps you on the edge to pursue ahead.

Introduction is the most amazing aspect. At least it will put you on target to go ahead.
The parallelism between two distinctive time regions have been taken perfectly care of. 

This will intrigue you the entire way through, generally excellent narrating , pleasant political game playing, some set of experiences returned to.

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