• Thursday, December 07, 2023

Cairo Book Fair holds a seminar on “The Media Industry, Culture, And Identity Between The Present And The Future”

on Feb 07, 2022

A symposium titled "Cultural Media and Identity between Present and Future" will be conducted at the Shaf Al Sharaf Hall at the Egypt Exhibition Center in the Fifth Settlement tomorrow, Sunday, February 6, 2022, at 4:00 pm, as part of the 53rd Cairo International Book Fair's activities.

The symposium will be conducted by critic Dr. Shawkat Al-Masry and will feature media writer Qaswa Al-Khalali, poet and journalist Jamal Al-Shaer, and poet and journalist Jamal Al-Shaer.

The 53rd edition of the exhibition will take place over 80,000 square meters and will feature five display rooms. There are 879 pavilions and 1067 publishing houses and organizations, as well as Egyptian and international official bodies. Whereas there are 292 Egyptian publishers (general publication), 43 Egyptian publishers (foreign books), 89 Egyptian publishers (children's books, educational aids, and school textbooks), and 97 Egyptian publishers (Islamic and heritage books), there are 292 Egyptian publishers (general publication).

A publishing house, the number of Azbakeya wall libraries is 49, the number of Egyptian publishers (academic book) is 49, the number of Arab publishers is 298, the number of Arab publishers is 1 Agency 95 Egyptian agencies, 45 Arab agencies.

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