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Women in Masjid: A Quest for Justice

Women in Masjid: A Quest for Justice
on Nov 08, 2019
Women in Masjid: A Quest for Justice
Are women allow in mosques or not, it is a debatable topic in India from the past several years. Public interest litigation (PIL) was filed seeking entrance of Muslim women in all mosques of the country. The author and journalist Ziya Us Salam argues that the Quran does not discriminate against women and at 59 places, the Quran asks men and women to establish prayers. In his new book, he says that Prophet Muhammad permitted women to enter a mosque. It is permission well respected in mosques across West Asia, Europe, and America. Yet, in an overwhelming majority of mosques across India, women are virtually barred from entry. Basing arguments from the Quran and Hadiths, the book says women have been exempted, nor prohibited from going to the mosques. The Prophet encouraged them to say the Friday and Eid prayers in a large congregation. Women are denied the right to enter mosques across the Indian subcontinent. Drawing its arguments from the Quran and Hadiths, the book exposes the hypocrisy of men who deny women their right to pray in mosques in the name of religion, thus revealing entrenched patriarchal beliefs masquerading as faith. It also tells the stories of those brave women who are fighting for their space in mosques across the world. From Nizamuddin and Haji Ali Dargah to mosques in lanes and bylanes of India, the fight is on. Women in Masjid is all about righting a historical wrong. The book also suggests that it is time for each mosque to declare that it is un-Islamic to prevent women from coming to the mosques. They should appoint women to the committees of the mosques. As of now, hardly any mosque committee has women members. It is men who decide the matters for both men and women. Also, in cases where mosques have logistic problems in making a separate entry and exit gate for women, women should be encouraged to have their own janaat.

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