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Twelfth Fail - Hara Vahi Jo Lada Nahin

Twelfth Fail - Hara Vahi Jo Lada Nahin
on Jul 19, 2021
Twelfth Fail - Hara Vahi Jo Lada Nahin
Twelfth Fail is a novel based on true story and real events that has broken the records of being the best seller in the Hindi literature world. This story is such a story of a simple-looking boy's struggle in which life is the culmination of the struggle to build its own way, there is also the passion of love. Preparing for this novel Kas Tanabana IAS is a very interesting world of youth in which there is a life swinging between failure and success. The protagonist of this story came out of a small village in the Chambal valleys… read from the schools who had taken the contract to get it passed and passed the IAS examination by passing the country's largest examination while doing a clean-up job in a library. Having dreamed of becoming the greatest officer. He pursued his dream, did small things and suffered from the greatest of grief. The story of this twelfth fails as much as it laughs. If you start reading this novel that is simple, easy and emotional, then you will be drowning in it yourself. To Buy this Book: Click Here

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