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The RSS - Roadmaps for the 21st Century

The RSS - Roadmaps for the 21st Century
on Dec 26, 2019
The RSS - Roadmaps for the 21st Century
Author Sunil Ambekar deeply analyzes the agenda and the imagination of The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). The book narrated the vision and philosophy of RSS and answered the questions about their ideology of a Hindu Rashtra. RSS frequently becomes the center of controversies. Whether it’s about politics or their ideology, controversies are part of RSS. The book discussed the answers to the questions like what will happen if India becomes a Hindu Rashtra? What will happen to the Muslims of India? What will be their place? What will happen to their faith and beliefs? It also answers the most controversial question on sexuality. What is RSS view for the rights of people with different sexual orientations and the third gender? The book focuses on the time when Mughal rulers came to India and changed everything. Ambedkar writes, “India was partitioned mainly because of the Muslim League, which wanted a nation of their own.” In the book, the history of the Hindu-Muslim issues is discussed in depth.   The book disclosed the RSS vision and its important aspect. The book is a must-add edition on your bookshelf. If you want to want to read about the history and facts behind the organization then you must have this book.

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