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Story Behind the Notes

Story Behind the Notes
on Aug 24, 2021
Story Behind the Notes
The story revolves around two friends, who are about to enter their final year of engineering but seek something else in life. While Deepak aspires to be a singer, his friend Maddy wants to peruse his career in cinematography. One day, they bump into an old music video of a Mumbai-based reality show singer, Sripathy Rao on YouTube and instantly fall in love with his voice. Maddy suggests Deepak get trained from him. As the semester holidays had just begun, the duo with no second thoughts, go in search of Sripathy with the hope of meeting him in person. In the process of finding him, the duo gets to witness the endless struggles and insecurities behind a singer's life. Will they succeed in meeting him? Does he agree to train Deepak? Story behind the notes unfurls their roller coaster ride and much more. To Buy This Book Click Here

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