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Running with the Dragon

Running with the Dragon
on Dec 20, 2019
Running with the Dragon
Author Saibal Dasgupta is a business journalist based in Beijing for the past 14 years has written many articles about China, its government and the business market. He has written this book focusing on the strategies of how India should do business with China? The book focuses on opportunities offered by China. The opportunities are present in two forms. One is to compete with the Chinese market and the other is to collaborate with it. The book answers questions like how do Indian firms compete in this ruthless competition. Many banks had shut down their offices in China. 42% of Indian companies present in China have invested Rs50 crore or less, according to a recent survey conducted by the Confederation of Indian Industry and Evalueserve. Dasgupta says, “The foot-dragging demonstrated by Indian companies in the face of opportunities in China is astonishing. Chances are not limited to extending Indian business operations in China. But there is an opportunity to go global on the backs of Chinese companies that have already crafted a place for themselves in different parts of the world.” Some Indian companies have placed their wings successfully in China. NIIT, Infosys, TCS, The Mahindra Group are such companies that are performing well in the business market of China.  The book also talks about the other side of the story that Chinese companies such as Haier, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Oppo are now doing great business in India.  For China, India is a market where they make a profit very easily. Two facts about the Indian market attract China, one is the size and the other is growth.  Talking about the Chinese market, the book also talks about the political factor which India and China share.  The book analyzes the answer to how Chinese companies are planning to expand their business in the Indian market and how India can cash it as a business opportunity. It also looks at the policies adopted by the Chinese leadership that has led to such rapid development of its market. 

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