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Great Stories for Children by Ruskin Bond

Great Stories for Children by Ruskin Bond
on Jun 10, 2021
Great Stories for Children by Ruskin Bond
Great Stories for Children is a potpourri of short stories that effectively transports the reader to the fascinating world of its endearing characters. The ensemble includes Tutu the monkey who is fond of troubling the no-nonsense Aunt Ruby, a pet python who makes sudden appearances at the most unusual places, a troublesome Pret who enjoys stirring up the household he resides in, three young children stranded on the Haunted Hill, Himalayan bears who feast on pumpkins, plums and apricots, a crafty thief who has a change of heart, and Ruskin Bond himself who meets a ghost at a resort in the middle of the night. The stories give you a glimpse of the author’s elegant and easy craft of writing. The stories in this book are mostly based on the wonderful sync which humans have with native for survival. The first few stories show the friendship between the kids and nature, then some ghosts come up, out of them some are naughty while others are friendly. Through this book, you can travel up and down the hills, through various blends and notice flowers, python, tigers, ghosts and some heartwarming friendships. Source: Goodreads & Ekidstation

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