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Book Review – Nobody’s Child

Book Review – Nobody’s Child
on Nov 08, 2019
Book Review – Nobody’s Child
Nobody’s Child is a thrilling crime story written by Kanchana Banerjee. It narrates the story from different points of view. It tells the reader about the crime against an orphan child, “Asavri” who becomes the winner of a television singing show, “Indian Koel” and then dies in a car accident. Two years later a young woman, dazed, covered in wounds, mind addled by drugs tells a TV journalist on the streets of Mumbai., ‘I’m Asavri Bhattacharya. I won the Indian Koel 3 years ago.’ The news spread in the city like the fire in the jungle. The questions start rising that is she is the real Asavri who won the contest 3 years ago? How a dead can rise from a grave? The novel is one of the crime thrillers in the market. It's full of twists and the answers which will shock you to the core.

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