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Am I What I Want To Be

Am I What I Want To Be
on Sep 30, 2021
Am I What I Want To Be
The book “Am I What I Want To Be” will connect you to your past and remind you about those 'aspirations' that may have gone under the cover. During our journey, we may lose focus, get derailed due to changes in priorities, but the book will remind us what we want to achieve in life, what will make us happy. Ever imagined you have no more time left and you did not try those little things that you always wanted to? We all can do small things with great love and passion. That’s what keeps us going and makes us so happy. And when it spreads, and many others start doing them, the combined effort and accomplishment leads to a much larger impact in society. In this book, you will experience such dreams, journeys, touching the lives in everyday “ordinary” life. You will see the magical power of staying grounded and ordinary, doing small things together, and exploring the inner sense of purpose and accomplishments. End of the book, the question to our inner being is, “Am I What I Want To Be”. The answer is known. Whether we like it or not. We choose to be who we are! We choose our future! What remains is a journey! Experience it as you read the book.

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