The Professor Who Broke the Mould, an Autobiography by Dr. Parag Diwan released worldwide

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“The Professor Who Broke the Mould” written by Dr. Parag Diwan and published by White Falcon Publishing is an interesting chronicle of exploration of a life’s trajectory with a nation in transition. Through an anecdotal approach, the book captures the author’s thoughts, eureka moments, and life lessons of building academic institutions that are lasting in nature.

Through reminiscences, this autobiographical story invokes many insights about the major events that have shaped India into what it is today. He engages the reader with his entrepreneurial perspectives with strong conviction regarding institution building.

This book is meant for both academicians and professionals in other walks of life who want to follow a path less trodden. It also dispels the myth that true blue academics cannot become entrepreneurs. Through the encapsulation of life lived differently, this book could inspire many to see how personal goals can be achieved along with the public good.

Author Quote

“It is easy to think that the time has passed us by, it is too late to have a new dream. We may have reached some of our goals and now it may seem like we are just cruising along. Or maybe we feel we are too old to start on some exciting new journey. In my view, we should always have a goal and a dream to pursue, as this is when we are in our happiest state of mind”.

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