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S. Nallakuttalam

S. Nallakuttalam
on Aug 27, 2021
S. Nallakuttalam

Shri S. Nallakuttalam was born in the year 1961 at Rajapalayam. A Post Graduate in Management is a reader of English non-fiction and appreciates Indian art and culture. He had his initial schooling in Sainik School, Amaravatinagar, and did his college studies at Madurai Kamaraj University. During his college days, apart from evincing a keen interest in studies, also excelled in sporting activities and has to his credit many achievements in athletics. Apart from his academic and sporting activities, he was always a keen enthusiast in the study of Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry and mostly relied on Vedic Astrology.

He evinces a keen interest in analysis and predictions and has over 40 years of experience in this field. He has also done a large number of case studies involving permutations and combinations on different birth charts. He runs a Public Charitable Trust, Sundaram Aspire Public Charitable Trust, enabling children, destitute and elderly people who are in dire straits. Shri S.Nallakuttalam had joined Life Insurance Corporation of India in 1984 as a Direct Recruit Officer and was associated with the re-organizational work of LIC followed by a long stint at LIC Housing Finance Limited and was associated with the re-engineering processes there. He was also the Chief Vigilance Officer of General Insurance Corporation of India, Mumbai. He has worked in various places throughout the length and breadth of India.

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