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Maroof Raza

Maroof Raza
on Nov 19, 2019
Maroof Raza
Maroof Raza (born 1959) is a retired Indian Army officer with experience in counter-insurgency operations. He comes armed with more than 20 years of experience as a mentor, anchor, correspondent, lecturer, writer and a commentator on issues of National Security and Strategic Affairs. His in-depth knowledge, experience, and his association with leading TV channels including TIMES NOW, NDTV, BBC & more makes him one of the most sought after speakers internationally on the subjects of National and International Risk and Security Affairs. He has authored two books: Low-Intensity Conflicts: The new dimension to India’s military commitments and Wars and no Peace over Kashmir. He has edited a book titled Generals and Governments in India and Pakistan. As the General Editor of Military Affairs series of Har Anand Publications, since 2001, he has edited twelve volumes. Most recently, he has edited a book on Indian terrorism challenges titled Confronting Terrorism (Penguin Books, India).

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