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Kapil Gupta

Kapil Gupta
on Sep 08, 2021
Kapil Gupta
A marketeer to the core, Kapil Gupta is an entrepreneur, both in thought and in style who believes that the power of a message & its delivery is what causes true revolutions. Kapil Gupta is a parallel entrepreneur who believes in providing true meaning to the various organizations he runs and builds them in sync with one another. He jokingly calls himself the jack of all trades and a master of some. He is the founder and the CEO of OMLogic (India’s leading digital marketing agencies), PragatiE (a virtual exhibition platform), Frontlist (portal for the publishing industry), Solh (a mental wellness platform & his current passion project), Advit Toys (a board games company). Kapil is a true believer in new-age equality, which for him is deep rooted in providing equal opportunity to all. He believes that the current world of equality is still a 20th century way of working, which is rotten with personal benefits in the forms of subsidies & reservations (women, LGBTQ, religion, race, caste, region based). For true equality, everybody MUST be treated equal. Period. This has put him quite at odds with what he calls as the current brand of pseudo-feminists, pseudo-liberals and pseudo-social-activists. The liberals find him too conservative and the conservatives find him too liberal, yet he doesn’t associate himself as a centrist at all. For him, the classification in the current world has gone awry and a new brand of ideologies has to appear. Kapil runs a weekly video program called ‘Truth Shots with Kapil’, where he delves deeper into the various topical or everyday social issues. Uninspiringly yet comfortably dressed in shorts, t-shirts and floaters, Kapil hates to dress-up for almost any occasion. A person who enjoys a fine scotch on the rocks, you are always welcome to have an argument, but make sure you have some time in your hand cause he might get really passionate about his cause. It's not even a joke!

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