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Durjoy Datta

Durjoy Datta
on Aug 27, 2019
Durjoy Datta

About Durjoy

Durjoy Datta is a novelist, a screenwriter, an entrepreneur and a motivational speaker. He’s the bestselling author of twelve blockbuster novels – Of Course I Love You! (2008), Now That You’re Rich (2009), She Broke Up, I Didn’t. (2010), Ohh Yes, I’m Single! (2010), You Were My Crush (2011), If It’s Not Forever! (2012), Till The Last Breath (2012), Someone Like You (2013), Hold My Hand (2013), When Only Love Remains (2014), World’s Best Boyfriend (2015), Our Impossible Love (2016). All his novels have found prominence in various bestseller lists and continue to feature in them. His books predominantly deal with subjects of love, relationships, disability, drug abuse, sexuality and death. Durjoy is the co-founder of Grapevine India Publisher Pvt. Ltd., a mainstream English language publisher which promotes young talent in the publishing industry. He is also a motivational speaker and has spoken in over 100 colleges and schools on the topics of entrepreneurship, writing, marketing, passions etc. Durjoy has to his credit six television shows – Sadda Haq, Veera, Twist Wala Love, Million Dollar Girl, Secret Diaries, Boyz – and over 1000 episodes. The shows have received considerable critical acclaim and commercial success. Durjoy is a graduate from Delhi College of Engineering and Management Development Institute. He worked in the power engineering sector and the banking sector for a few years before quitting it to pursue his entrepreneurial and writing dreams. You can email him at durjoydatta@gmail.com or follow him on twitter (@durjoydatta) or like his Facebook fanpage (www.facebook.com/durjoydatta1)

Books by Durjoy Datta

  • Our Impossible Love, 2016
  • World’s Best Boyfriend, 2015
  • When Only Love Remains, 2014
  • Hold My Hand, 2013
  • Someone Like You, 2013
  • Till The Last Breath, 2012
  • If It’s Not Forever, 2012
  • You Were My Crush, 2011
  • Ohh Yes, I Am Single, 2011
  • She Broke Up, I Didn’t, 2010
  • Now That You’re Rich, 2009
  • Of Course I Love You, 2008

Television Shows

Sadda Haq (TV series) (Story, Screenplay) Million Dollar Girl Veer ki Ardaas Veera (Story) Secret Diaries Twist Wala Love Boyz

Short Stories

The English Teacher, Shades Of Love

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