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Arundhati Sahoo

Arundhati Sahoo
on Jul 16, 2021
Arundhati Sahoo
Arundhati gave her debut in poetry in The Liberating Fetters as a poet and went on further to be a novelist for Identity: A mere play of gender, status, and aesthetics. She has recently launched her new blog scribbled_mindspace in the month of July. She writes short stories, has been a contributor to anthologies like A jar full of joys and websites like cultural reverence and storeio. While writing is her passion and offers her life, she works with a FMCG as a manager and is an alumnus of NITIE, Mumbai, one of India's top B-Schools in the supply chain. She loves all forms of art and explores them in her way, according to her Art can never be confined to forms. She is currently writing a book on the culture of 12 days of the rituals of death and the mourning of loss.

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