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Apurva Tare Yadwadkar

Apurva Tare Yadwadkar
on Sep 10, 2021
Apurva Tare Yadwadkar
Apurva Tare Yadwadkar is an Engineer, Passionate Parenting Coach, and a Student Counselor. She holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Psychology and is an Internationally accredited Certified Coach and a Visionary Parent. Her education, skills, and optimism fuel her mission to empower every parent-child relationship. It’s her firm belief that parenting is a skill which is gained, not inherited, and it’s her mission to help parents gain those skills and become the best parent they can be. When Apurva isn’t helping to foster great parent-child relationships or counseling students, she is hard at work writing books that will positively affect millions of parents across the globe. Her book, The Visionary Parent: A practical guide to unfolding your deepest belief system, understand your child’s psychology, and empower your relationship with your child, is part of that mission. It’s her hope that it will create positive change for all who read it. Apurva is a classically trained singer, who also enjoys dancing, reading, spending time in nature, and creating memories with her four-year-old daughter. She makes her home in Pune, India.

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