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At the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, Germany will be honored

on May 18, 2022

The ADIBF is the beating heart of the Middle East and North African publishing sector, with the main purpose of connecting Arab and international publishing communities through global discussions.

Germany will return as the guest of honor with a big physical presence at the 31st Abu Dhabi International Book Fair later this month, organizers stated in a news statement, in collaboration with Frankfurter Buchmesse.

The ADNEC exposition centre will host the Book Fair from May 23 to 29, with the theme "Inspire. Create. Enrich."

ADIBF, which has been hailed as a catalyst for cultural development in the Arab world and for the advancement of the Arab publishing industry internationally, will provide a platform for writers, poets, intellectuals, and others to showcase their work while also providing promising opportunities for those working in the sector to form new partnerships and learn about the latest trends.

The ADIBF is regarded as the throbbing heart of the Middle East and North African publishing business. Its principal purpose is to use "global discussions" to connect the Arab and worldwide publishing communities.

Over 1000 exhibitors from 80 nations will participate in the seven-day exhibition, which will feature a captivating series of activities fostering cross-cultural conversation through German guests of honor, professional and cultural programmes focusing on language, translation, literature, and poetry.

Following last year's limited capacity due to the pandemic, Germany returns as the guest of honor with a large physical presence, accompanied by a vibrant professional and cultural programme featuring a delegation of 80 publishers, intellectuals, writers, and illustrators, in collaboration with Frankfurter Buchmesse.

This fair will allow German-born Russian-Jewish Olga Grjasnowa and Abu Dhabi-based fiction writer Deepak Unniskrishnan to discuss how their experiences as migrants inspired their writing and how foreign writers are represented in Germany and the UAE.

The "German Stories" programme will feature 25 German films as well as events highlighting the collaborative relationship between German and Arab cultures.

‘Personality of the year’

Because of the ongoing pandemic, such gatherings have become increasingly popular with participants and tourists in recent years. According to the press release, this expo will have "450 events encompassing guests of honor, professional, and cultural programmes."

Ali bin Tamim, chairman of the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Centre (ALC) and secretary-general of the Sheik Zayed Book Award, announced earlier this month at a press conference that the late Taha Hussein (1889-1973), the "dean of Arabic literature," had been named the fair's "personality of the year" for 2022.

The achievements and impact of Egyptian-born Taha Hussain on Arab culture will be examined in four sessions during the Central Figure programme. The presentations Taha Hussein: Insight of the Mind and Taha Hussein and Enlightenment are highlights.

The event will also establish a new book series dedicated to studies and research on Hussein's work and life, as well as finance the printing of new versions of the author's works, in conjunction with Arab publishers.

"We present to new generations a summary of his knowledge, thought, work, and personal life," said Saeed Hamdan Al Tunaiji, Director of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair. "We open a wide gateway for them to learn about the heritage of their authentic Arab cultural history and benefit from the great knowledge and experiences that the Dean of Arabic Literature left us."

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