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Ankit Roy

Ankit Roy
on Nov 23, 2021
Ankit Roy

Ankit Roy is the author of thrillers for both adults and teens. He was born in Bhopal and has lived most of his life there. When not writing, he can be found installing solar panels, working in his garage converting two wheels to electric, and haunting local bookstores.

There’s an interesting story on how Roy became an author. After his masters from the National Institute of Technology (Bhopal) in 2012, Roy started working with a company in Mumbai where he was closely involved in the power sector, and the job made him want to explore sustainable energy solutions for homes.

In 2016, he moved back to Bhopal and soon, began the process of installing a solar panel on his rooftop. However, some government officials got wind of it, reached his place and asked him to halt the project. The ignorance of the people on global warming and its effects made him pen down his first Sci-fi novel. He wrote short stories, unsuccessfully submitted a few of those stories for publication, and edited his company newsletter. But he didn’t take writing seriously until after he received praise for the stories in his newsletter. “I love working for the environment,” says Roy. “I love working with people . . . Maybe someday I’ll be able to make enough impact to start a mass movement. But for now, the books are keeping me very busy.”

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