• Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Anglican Book Fair is unfolding for April

Anglican Book Fair is unfolding for April
on Jan 25, 2022
image source : https://www.blayneychronicle.com.au/

The Blayney Parish Anglican Book Fair and Trading Table are returning with an extra special surprise for book lovers.

Local well-known author Kim Kelly will be giving a special talk on the afternoon of Saturday, April 30th.

Ms. Kelly is a writer of Australian fiction, author of eleven novels - Black Diamonds, This Red Earth, The Blue Mile, Paper Daisies, Wild Chicory, Jewel Sea, Lady Bird & The Fox, Sunshine, Walking, Her Last Words, and The Truth & Addy Loest - tales of passion, politics, and history, of ordinary people living through extraordinary times in the land she calls home.

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