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'An Amalgamation' by Author Devangshree Saini : Book Review

on Apr 29, 2022
An Amalgamation

Devangshree is a 20-year-old author pursuing BA Honours in English Literature from Kanoria PG Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Jaipur. Despite her young age, her writing skills are extraordinary. Her book ‘An Amalgamation’ is a collection of 50 poems, divided into categories such as Life, Love, Breaking & Healing, Family, etc. Each category gives a strong and refreshing meaning. Leaving the reader with long hours of introspection. 

“The poems will take you to another world, a world where the words have been stolen from your heart for you.” This line is justified at the end of the book. The short poems are quick to read and the categories are highly relatable, which indulges the reader. It is like being taken to another highly relatable world where your emotions are speaking to you. 

Our favourite category is mythology. The subtle way in which she conveys her love toward God is highly enlightening. The spiritual vibes take over your whole body, leaving your heart in a soothing state and giving you a different perspective on spirituality. 

Overall the book is a must-read. It takes you through a journey of romance, heartbreak, family,  spirituality, etc. In the end, the author pays tribute to the poetic aspect of her life. Thus, giving a satisfying ending to the book. 

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