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"A Man with White Coat" By Author LOM HARSH: Book Review

on Nov 07, 2022
A Man with White Coat

Composed by the award-winning author Lom Harsh, the book A Man with White Coat is based on the real-life journey of Dr. Sunil Kumar Garissa and numerous other physicians who are ready to do whatever it takes to save lives every day. 

The narrative unveils many elements about his life, including his expertise and perseverance, in his profession. 

The author has remarkably portrayed the intricacies of a doctor's life while depicting the hardships they go through in their daily lives.

The story begins with Sunil when he was eight years old and was inspired to set off on his quest to become a doctor after learning that "Doctors are Living gods on Earth" during a typical school lecture. Belonging to a farming family and living in a rural Rajasthan village where the highest degree of education accessible is the fifth standard, there were no prospects for him to pursue the field he desired in his region. So, he decided to travel to Jaipur, a city at some distance from his little hamlet, to pursue his passion.

But for Sunil, getting accepted into a prestigious medical school was one of the less difficult obstacles he had to overcome during his lifetime. Since what lay ahead was not for the faint of heart. Apart from academics, medical school life exposed him to eclectic hurdles.

The author details the risks doctors face on the job in our nation and how those risks influence their quality of life. 

This book serves as a reminder to readers of their need to show gratitude to physicians in a developing nation like India, where doctors serve as the foundation of the healthcare system.

Give this book a read if you wish to learn more about the inspirational and improbable life of Dr. Sunil Kumar and discover the different facets of being a doctor.

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