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Frontlist | 10 New Romance Reads You'll Fall in Love With This January

Frontlist | 10 New Romance Reads You'll Fall in Love With This January
on Jan 13, 2021
Frontlist | 10 New Romance Reads You'll Fall in Love With This January
Whether your Bridgerton marathon has left you craving more historical romances or the cold weather has you daydreaming about tropical destinations, January's collection of must-read romance books has you covered. This month's titles bring every level of heat, from full-on bodice-ripping fun to an adorable LGBTQ+ YA novel about teen sleuths falling in love. No matter what kind of romantic read you're in the mood for, January's new releases are sure to meet all of your swooning needs. And hey, if this list leaves you wanting even more meet-cutes and enemies-to-lovers fun, then be sure to check out our list featuring the best romances of December for even more suggestions for your TBR.
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1. The Marriage Code by Brooke Burroughs
Brooke Burroughs's The Marriage Code has it all: an enemies-to-lovers plot, a heroine in a STEM field, and an Emily in Paris-style relocation subplot that finds the book's central characters moving to Bangalore. At the heart of the story is Emma, who needs to get her coworker Rishi to join her team after she lands the promotion he was passed over for, but in order to convince him to join her, she'll have to write a code to help him please his parents by finding the perfect wife.
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Love Songs For Skeptics by Christina Pishiris is a charming story of first loves and unexpected romance. Music-magazine editor Zoë Frixos loves a good love song, but her own romantic fiascos have left her doubtful about the prospect of falling in love herself. But when an annoying publicist and her best friend/crush both enter her orbit at the same time, Zoe may have to reevaluate her stance on relationships.
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Set in 1984 Texas, Pudge and Prejudice by A.K. Pittman is a body-positive YA retelling of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. When Elyse Nebbit struggles to accept her body and fit in at her new school, she finds help in the form of her no-nonsense best friend and the handsome boy she can't help but fall for.
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Don't let the broody cover fool you; Roommate by Sarina Bowen isn't just steamy, it's also a warm-hearted romance between two men who are total opposites. Kieran is an actual lumberjack who is harboring secrets and guarding his heart. Roderick is a chatty baking enthusiast who is determined to get his roommate to open up, even if it means possibly being kicked out of their shared house — and as you might expect, sparks will definitely fly between these guys, no matter how hard they resist their mutual attraction.
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Attention, Bridgerton fans: if you're ready to delve deeper into the world of historical romances, The Worst Duke in the World by Lisa Berne is a fun place to start. The book follows Anthony Farr, the Duke of Radcliffe, who has vowed never to remarry. However, when the very eligible and genuinely loving Jane Kent befriends his 8-year-old son, his resolve begins to crack.
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Sarah Morgenthaler returns to Moose Springs, AK, for a third round of quirky small-town fun and unexpected romance in Enjoy the View. This time around, former Hollywood sweetheart River Lane arrives in Alaska to film a documentary that she believes will save her career. The only trouble is, the locals aren't interested in talking to her, and her guide, Easton Lockett, is proving to be quite distracting.
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Tiffany Schmidt continues her adorable Bookish Boyfriends series with Get a Clue, a story of young love and amateur sleuthing. When Huck and Winston's English teacher assigns their class the Sherlock Holmes stories, the last things the boys expect is to be drawn into a real-life mystery — with a side of romance.
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Are you dreaming of a tropical vacation? Then why not live vicariously through the characters in Angie Hockman's hilarious and sexy Shipped, which follows two marketing managers and nemeses as they vie for the same promotion (and reluctantly fall in love) while on a work trip in picturesque Galápagos.
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Capturing the Earl by A.S. Fenichel is a story about what happens when good intentions go horribly awry. Mercedes Parsons's only motivation in investigating Wesley Renshaw is to protect her friend from embarking on a disastrous marriage. Unfortunately, Wesley proves to be far more alluring than she ever imagined, leaving her, her best friend, and the Earl in quite the situation indeed.
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Rachel Lynn Solomon's highly anticipated adult debut, The Ex Talk, more than lives up to the hype. This witty story about a fake ex-relationship between radio hosts is a wild ride that leads to real romance between the protagonists — the only trouble is, both of their careers will be on the line if their listeners realize their radio show about exes giving relationship advice was built on a lie. Source: popsugar

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